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   Virus removal
   OS installation
   Operating system repair
   Data Transfer
  ♦ Hardware installation
  ♦ Software installation
   System upgrade
   Computer tune-up
   Password removal
   Data back-up
   Computer set-up
   Advanced Troubleshooting
​       Laptop repair                        DC jack repair                    Keyboard repair
​Laptop LCD screen repair              Virus removal                       Free Diagnostic
Mac & PC Clinic Headquarter
 LCD Screen Repair
 Battery Replacement
 Power Button Replacement
 Home Button Replacement
 Camera Replacement 
 LCD Screen Repair
 Battery Replacement
 Power Button Replacement
 Home Button Replacement
 Charging Port Replacement
 Free Diagnostic

Free Local Pickup and Delivery
​♦ LCD Screen replacement
 Hard Drive replacement
 Motherboard repair
 Power Jack repair
 Keyboard replacement