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Welcome to Allstates Computers

        ♦ All Allstates Computers Repair Shop Technicians hold CompTIA A+, Microsoft certified system engineer, Apple Certified Mac Technician or equivalent

​        Loss of Data 
        ♦ Allstates computers and it’s agents are not responsible for any loss of data that might be on computer's hard drive, you may request that Allstates computers
          backup your data at an additional stated price, however Allstates computers and it’s agents do not guarantee any data backup due to hardware or software
          failure or during the repair procedure. Customer my choose his/her own data recovery agent or use one that Allstates computers recommend to backup any
          critical data before bringing the computer to Allstates computers and providing copies of any licensed software if necessary.
        ♦ At Allstates computers we do everything to insure the integrity of your data, Data or program loss can happen due to hardware failure or other reasons out of
          our control.
        ♦ we recommend you keep 2-3 backups of all your valuable data.

        ♦ Allstates Computers warrants all installed or sold new and used hardware ( Exclude The Battery ) for ( Six ) months To ( ONE ) year limited manufacturer
          warranty against any defects in hardware from the date of purchase or installation.

         Limited warranty will be voided if:
        ♦ Damaged caused by customer misuse of the computer.
        ♦ liquid spill or any physical damage is found.
        ♦ Damaged caused by accident, transport, neglect or abuse by the end user.
        ♦ Repairs attempted by 3rd party.
        ♦ Use of equipment in a manner for which it was not intended or designed and failure to follow manufacturer's recommendations regarding use of computer.

         Computer Repair Warranty
        ♦ Allstates Computers warrants repairs for sixty (60) days following the return of the computer to the client. If a failure occurs during the warranty period, service
           for the original problem only will be provided free of charge, The warranty does not include software related issues. We will demonstrate that the repair is
           complete at the time you pick up your computer.
        ♦ This warranty does not cover any software related issues created or caused by the “end user” such as virus /spyware.
        ♦ The computer is used to access inappropriate or adult content websites.
        ♦ The computer is used to download free software or files using peer to peer applications (e.g. Torrent downloads, LimeWire, etc).
        ♦ Tampering with the settings or other non-related hardware failures.
        ♦ Limited warranty does not include any additional software, hardware, parts, system upgrades, or additional components added or installed on the system by
           the user.

        ♦ Allstates Computers Repair Shop’s liability for damage to your computer is limited only to any damage which is determined to be caused by the Repair Shop’s
          negligent acts or negligent omissions. Our liability for repairs is limited to the total price of the repairs.
        ♦ Be aware that certain repairs, including but not limited to virus and spyware removal, may cause damage to installed software and data on your computer. This
          is to be expected and may require the re-installation of your operating system and application Software.

        ♦ Please be advised that it is your responsibility to understand the impact of upgrades to the operating system, applications and utility software. Such upgrades
          can lead to incompatibilities and the possible loss of data. Computer hardware and software work together and incompatibility may not become apparent until a
           later date. You are responsible for contacting the manufacturer of your software regarding compatibility issues before you request any upgrades.

        Estimated Completion Time
        ♦ Allstates Computers Repair Shop will provide an estimated completion time for your repair/install. Please call before you come in to pick up your equipment
          Unforeseen circumstances may have an impact on our ability to complete the repair(s) as provided in the estimate.

        ♦ You must own the computer that you bring in for repair(s). The Repair Shop will return the computer only to its owner when the repair(s) are complete. You
           must own and demonstrate ownership of any software that is to be installed or re-installed on your computer by Allstates Computers Repair Shop by bringing
           in the original Software CDs and the appropriate keys and/or serial numbers.

        ♦ Our Technicians will not browse through your hard drive looking at your data; however, they may inadvertently see data during the course of their work. Please              remove any personal or private files you do not want others to see.

        ♦ If you do not pick up your equipment and accessories within thirty (30) days after we notify you that the requested service is complete, we will treat your
          equipment as abandoned. Any and all charges are still your responsibility. Not responsible for any old parts, old computers and accessories left after thirty
           (30) days.

        Data Backup / Transfer
        ♦ If data Backup / Transfer service is requested, even if the data is successfully Backup / Transfer, there is a possibility that individual files and directories            on the disk may still be inaccessible due to wear and tear of damaged, malfunctioning, and/or old media.

        Changes to Site and Services
        ♦ Allstates computers reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, suspend or terminate any aspect of its Site and Services, including, but not limited to,
          content, services, featured products, prices, information, photos, product description and categories without prior notice.

        ♦ All content of the website, including, but not limited to its design, text, photos, information, graphics, logos, etc., is the intellectual property of 
          allstatescomputers.com. All trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective trademark owners. 
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